Survey and Customize

All installations are done with a WiFi first mindset. We have built wireless networks that span hundreds of square miles. This unique experience gives us the ability to customize the wireless radio installation to gain the optimum performance for your location.

Speed and Coverage

TLF Managed WiFi installs corporate grade hardware, once reserved for only the largest and most demanding networks. With TLF Managed WiFi you and your customers will always have the speeds you need to stream, browse, and get work done anywhere at your location

Safe and Secure

TLF Managed WiFi keeps all your equipment monitored and up-to-date with the latest firmware from the manufacturer. Automatically! No longer worry if the next hacking epidemic will take out your networking equipment because you are already patched.

WiFi has become a necessity for many different types of businesses. Customers demand faster and faster speeds everywhere they go. They expect your network to be secure and rely on you to protect their sensitive information and your own. TLF WiFi is the solution.

Get Back to Business!

Secured, Monitored, Reliable

Managed WiFi Service Providers free you from managing the complex, advanced, and rapidly changing modern WiFi Network. Go back to serving your guests needs, and focus on making their visit to your business the best experience it can be. TLF WiFi offers a total WiFi Solution. We will engineer, install, and support your Wireless Network.

First, TLF WiFi will complete a site survey of your location. We will pay special attention to your floorplan and building construction materials as they are often hinderances to proper signal coverage. TLF WiFi will then complete an RF interference survey to locate any possible interference sources. We then determine the best equipment suited to your unique location and design a network to provide optimal speeds and coverage of the entire premises.

After the design and installation of your new WiFi Network, TLF WiFi will ensure that all the equipment is providing your business with its full performance. We will adjust frequencies, channel-widths, and transmit and recieve power levels to further tune your WiFi Network's performance. The best part of having Managed WiFi Service with TLF WiFi is just about to begin.

Your Wireless Network is now providing you with great coverage and speeds and you don't have to worry about managing and maintaining it moving forward. TLF WiFi handles all the configuration, the security updates, the monitoring, the password changes. All of the pain that came with WiFi before is now gone. You will be provided with a management portal to check in on performance, but you can leave the changes to TLF WiFi.

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