Cover Your Course With High-Speed Internet With TLF WiFi

The modern golfer knows that tracking his or her performance on the course is a great way to improve and increase their enjoyment of the game. The smartphone has many excellent apps to track performance, post pictures and videos to social media, and stay connected. Unfortunately many courses don't have the ability to keep those smartphone wielding golfers attached to high-speed internet. And, the cellular networks are spotty at best and will often drain a phones battery before the round is finished. TLF WiFi can provide the right wireless network to make sure your golfers can stay connected anywhere on the course.

WiFi Doesn't Have to be a Loss-Leader With TLF WiFi

TLF WiFi can setup your Wireless Network to utilize a distribution model referred to as "Freemium." You can provide bandwidth to everyone at reduced speeds for free, but allow golfers to pay a small fee to connect to an unlimited bandwidth network. That way the phone junkies can stream their whole round if they desire but you can still allow everyone to stay connected and save battery life.

Be Ready For the Future

Whether it is a smart-wifi based golf irrigation systems, wireless security monitoring through smart locks and cameras, or smart golf-carts that allow for golfers to order food and gear from the clubhouse, these devices all need connectivity. TLF Managed Wifi will help your course stay ready for and take full advantage of all the incredible technologies that are just around the next dogleg.

Young Golfers Want WiFi

Studies have been done and 39% of young golfers list not having WiFi on the course as a factor in not wanting to play golf Don't let the younger generation miss out on a wonderful sport. Your course will also gain an army of Social Media gurus that will raise the profile of your course and only bring in more players.

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