Does Your Home WiFi Disconnect or Run Slowly?

TLF WiFi isn't just for use in businesses. We can give your home the same great Wireless Speeds, Coverage, and Reliabilty that was once reserved for businesses with dedicated IT Staff.

Are You Paying for Fast Internet but Everyone Complains Your Internet is Slow?

Home Wireless Installations come with a lot of difficult challenges. And unless you live in a small one bedroom apartment the wireless router you purchase from Costco/BestBuy/Etc. likely isn't sufficient to cover your home. TLF WiFi will build the appropriate network to suit your homes unique RF Profile.

With a TLF Home WiFi Setup You Recieve

  • Professional Survey by an Experienced WiFi Engineer
  • Professional Installation of Enterprise-Grade Networking Equipment
  • Multiple Wireless Access Points (WAP) Placed Strategically Around Your Home
  • Monitoring Portal to See Exactly Who and What Are Utilizing Your Internet and What For

Quit Bothering Your Children/Grandchildren When You Need WiFi Help!

With a TLF Home WiFi setup all the changes you could ever want to make to your network are only a phone call or email away. Do you need your WiFi Password changed? How about selecting the proper channel and transmit power? Do you need to change your SSID? Update your devices firmware? Open ports so devices like VOIP Telephones operate on your network? TLF WiFi will handle all of these changes for you and make your children/grandchildren, maybe even the local IT shops, breathe a sigh of relief.

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