PCI-DSS Compliance and WiFi

One of the misconceptions about PCI Compliance is that even if you are a small business with a small number of credit/debit transactions you don't need to be compliant. This is false. Any business, not matter the size, must maintain and monitor for PCI Compliance if they accept customer credit/debit cards. Wireless Networks are some of the more difficult portions of a business to secure when it comes to PCI Compliance. Often times, wireless networks are shared and used by both the business operations and the customers/clients. If you are not properly segmenting and securing your Wireless Network you are in violation of the PCI Standards and run the risk of losing the ability to process credit/debit cards.

The 12 PCI-DSS Standards

There are 12 PCI Requirements that must be implemented to better ensure a secure Network.

  1. Install and Maintain a Firewall to Protect Customer Data - Managed by TLF WiFi
  2. Do Not Use Vendor-Supplied Defaults for System Passwords and Other Security Parameters. - Managed by TLF WiFi
  3. Protect Stored Cardholder Data
  4. Encrypt Cardholder Data Transmitted Over Open and Public Networks - Managed by TLF WiFi
  5. Use and Regularly Update Device Firmware and Antivirus Software - Managed by TLF WiFi
  6. Develop and Maintain Secure Systems and Software - Managed by TLF WiFi
  7. Restrict Cardholder Data by Business Need-To-Know - Managed by TLF WiFi
  8. Assign a Unique ID to Each Person With Computer Access
  9. Restrict Physical Access to Cardholder Data
  10. Track and Monitor All Access to Networks and Cardholder Data - Managed by TLF WiFi
  11. Regularly Test Security Systems and Processes - Managed by TLF WiFi
  12. Maintain a Policy That Addresses Information Security - Managed by TLF WiFi

Don't Jeopardize Your Business

Each one of the 12 steps has multiple facets and complications to its implementation. Let TLF WiFi guide you through securing your wireless network for the safety of your business and your customers.

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