Managed WiFi for Restaurants and Coffee Shops

TLF WiFi and your restaurant or coffee shop are a perfect match. Restaurants and Coffee Shops have special needs when it comes to WiFi and TLF Managed WiFi provides solutions to all the challenges. Young people posting their meals to social media, businesspeople answering emails, students and writers doing research are all searching for one thing: Fast, Free, and Reliable WiFi. Great WiFi can be a way to get customers in the door and keep them in your establishment. Customers on WiFi are more likely to post about their experiences on social media and raise awareness and the social media presence of your business.

TLF WiFi Gives You Full Control Over Your Wireless Network

Keep Your Business and Guest Networks Separate

Free WiFi needs to be setup correctly in order to protect your business from potential costly mistakes. TLF Managed WiFi will segment your business's network into a private business-only portion (for all your business devices: POS Systems, PC's, File/Backup Servers) and a guest network for all your customers to enjoy. This keeps you on the right side of the PCI-DSS Regulations and increases your overall security.

Make Sure Your Bandwidth is Being Used Effeciently

With TLF Managed WiFi you are in control of your network! Don't let one person hog all of your business's bandwidth, ruining the other customers experience and possibly brining your business-critical traffic to a hault. TLF WiFi will build a network that limits the amount of bandwidth that any indvidual customer can use at one time, and deliver the full speed to your business devices. All at the same time! With TLF WiFi you will be able to extend the bandwidth that your ISP is providing you much further, accommodating more customers than ever before, while never effecting your business's ability to operate.

Monitor and Adapt Your Restaraunt or Coffee Shops WiFi

TLF Managed WiFi provides you with the ability to see exactly how your WiFi is being used and adjust accordingly. Have a customer torrenting, visiting adult-sites, or gaming? Now you can establish which and TLF WiFi can react appropriately to shut down or severely limit the offending client. You have control and can make sure your network is working great for everyone!

TLF WiFi All of the Benefits, None of the Problems

A wireless network managed by TLF WiFi will provide your business and your customers with a fast, secure and reliable connections. Take the worry and hassle out of your WiFi and get back to doing what you do best. Serving Your Customers!

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