RV Park and Campground WiFi

The modern traveller and camper want it all. They want the freedom of the great outdoors and the open road with all the connectivity they are used to at home. With TLF WiFi you can give provide your guests with a Fast, Reliable, and Secure Wireless Network all throughout your RV Park or Campground. TLF Managed WiFi makes it possible for you to stop worrying about dead spots, poor speeds, and dropped-connections and get back to managing your site and not your WiFi.

WiFi Built for Large Outdoor Sites

TLF WiFi will do a full site survey that will take into account any possible radio interference or physical obstruction that usually result in poor WiFi performance. Your TLF Managed WiFi will be tuned to your specific location. We use enterprise-grade gear designed to cover large areas through rain or shine, and we configure that equipment to gain every last ounce of performance. The most common WiFi devices at Campgrounds and RV parks are cell phones which means people will be carrying their device with them. They expect that mobile device to work everywhere. You and your customers will be able to move all around your site and seamlessly move from Wireless Access Point (WAP) to WAP without having to reconnect or even touch your device.

Unlimited Networks and Control, One Set of Wireless Gear

With TLF WiFi you have the capability to create as many wireless networks as you want and add or remove features as you see fit to better serve your RV Park or Campground. Do you have long-term residents that you would like to provide with faster speeds? Or maybe you have billing software in your office that you would like to access from anywhere in the park but keep it completely secure from your customers? With TLF WiFi monitoring you will be able to see exactly how your network is being utilized and make smart changes to make the performance of your network even better!

WiFi Doesn't Have to be a Loss Leader

One of the incredible features of TLF WiFi is the ability to offer expanded WiFi services for a minimal fee. You can offer WiFi for free to all of your customers with bandwidth shaping limited the maximum ammount of bandwidth they can use, but still keeping them reliably

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