Dentist or Doctor Waiting Room WiFi

There are many reasons a business will offer free WiFi. Dentist or doctor's waiting rooms are no different. In fact, they often have more reasons to have a publicly accessible WiFi network. Offering free WiFi is a great way to keep clients happily waiting paitently. Waiting rooms are often a scary place. Allowing people to say connected to family-members and friends through fast reliable WiFi can help ease nerves and create a calming atmosphere. Patients can keep themselves occupied and wait-times will fly by.

Providing Secure WiFi

Medical Offices, by their nature, have a lot of sensitive, personal health data travelling across their networks. It is the Doctor's responsibility to make sure that all medical information stays private. TLF WiFi has the expertise and experience to help keep your Publicly Acessible WiFi network secure and HIPPA compliant.

Segment Your Medical Network From Your Patient Network

TLF WiFi will design and build a network that will separate the office-essential devices (POS Systems, PC's, Medical Devices, Backup and File Servers, Employee Devices) from your public patient-accessible network. All of this can be done using the same Wireless Access Points (WAP) and network devices seamlessly making it easy on employees and patients alike. TLF WiFi's segmentation method also saves on costly networking equipment all while remaining HIPPA compliant.

Don't Let Your Public Network Slow Down Your Business Network

Allowing the public to use your business internet connection has the potential to bring your network to a grinding hault. Many new devices are being added to your network and each one of them could use up bandwidth that should be going to your business's essential functions. TLF WiFi controls the ammount of bandwidth that is available to any indvidual on the public network, making sure that you always have plenty of bandwidth to process credit cards, backup patient records, and operate your business smoothly. TLF WiFi actively monitors and makes changes, so the shared bandwidth provides everyone connected with fast and reliable connections.

Cover the Entire Office With High Speed WiFi

TLF WiFi will come to your office and build a custom wireless network that is designed specifically for your office. We don't just install a wireless router in the back room and call it a day. Your office will have a thorough RF Analysis and TLF WiFi will install Wireless Access Points (WAP) in the optimal places to ensure that you have full coverage and excellent speeds throughout your building. We make sure that not only is your publicly accessible WiFi great, but your secure business network has the same great coverage and speeds.

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