Why Use a Managed WiFi Provider Like TLF WiFi?

Technology is always changing. Not that long ago, only the largest businesses had to worry about IT infrastructure and they had a large dedicated staff to deal with the issues that come along with technology. But now, even Mom and Pop shops will have multiple POS (Point of Sale) PC's, networked security cameras, WiFi, and any number of other devices that are all essential parts of running a business. TLF WiFi maintains and manages your wireless network so you can focus on better serving your customers.

Consider the Following

1) Changing Hardware and Standards

Most equipment has a 36-month lifecycle. TLF WiFi is always ahead of the trends and will help you only make the changes that will make doing business faster, simpler, and more profitable.

2) Firmware and Software Upgrades

All Wireless Networking Solutions require firmware and software to be upgraded regularly. If done incorrectly, a business risks bringing everything to a grinding halt and possibly destroying expensive hardware. If a business avoids upgrading software and firmware, they are putting themselves and their customers at a great security risk. This violates the PCI-DSS Standards and could result in your business having its ability to accept credit cards revoked.

3) Downtime and Outages

Businesses can't afford extended periods of downtime. TLF WiFi is actively monitoring your WiFi Network and can rapidly respond to potential problems. In many cases, TLF Wifi can solve problems without the business being aware of issues and experience no costly downtime at all. We also can schedule upgrades to occur during a non-operational hours so you never miss out on customers to keep your WiFi Network current.

4) Security and Compliance

Making a network HIPPA and PCI compliant can be a difficult task especially for a business owner who isn't also an IT Specialist. That is why TLF WiFi designs its wireless networks to handle compliance and security concerns. Our networks are built to keep your sensitive business info out of the hands of potential hackers or even just nosy customers.

5) Managed and Monitored

Information makes troubleshooting Wireless Networks much easier. TLF WiFi has the know-how and experience to understand and apply all the information that a modern WiFi network outputs. We proactively monitor and adapt your network to keep things running smoothly and make sure you rarely if ever have to devote resources and personell to keeping your network operating at peak condition.

If you are interested in getting back to focusing on your business instead of focusing on IT. Get in contact with TLF WiFi today. We are ready to build you an incredible Wireless Network and keep it monitored and managed. Let TLF WiFi turn your wireless network into a beneficial and integral part of your business and not a hindrance.

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